HansPharma Co.,Ltd., successfully completed the skinbooster webinar with global key doctors
HansPharma (CEO, Geun-Young Kim) announced it held the webinar, 1st HansPharma Master Class (hereafter Master Class) to share the clinical cases of skinbooster to global doctors.
This event was held online to consider the Covid-19 situation. Dr.KyungChan Ahn, (Hyudai Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), Dr. Tatiana Velazquez(Mexico), and Dr. Steve Chian(Malaysia) participated in it as the mentor speaker and about 150 of global doctors joined in this lecture.
The lecture was based on sharing the clinical cases on the latest trend treatment methods and techniques that can maximize the effect using premium skinboosters. Especially, Dr. KyungChan Ahn, plastic surgeon shared the various clinical cases and protocols and spread the Korean advanced skin care technology and got a warm response from global doctors.
Also, there was the discussion and Q&A session to share the view of skinbooster market trend of each country. The global doctors who joined in this lecture were satisfied with the Master Class to know the various treatment method of each country and know-how for better results.