A global bio-convergence company that creates the value of life – HansPharma

CEO Message

I would like to express a sincere thank you to all of our customers who have visited HansPharma’s homepage.
Established in 2014, HansPharma is an R&D-based company that creates the value of a healthy and happy life through cutting-edge bio-regenerative medical technology and genetic diagnosis technology.
Through creative R&D ideas, HansPharma researches technology that increases the value of human life with strict standards before sales, and we do not forget to understand customers’ lives and grow together with customers’ lives, being committed to “Customer values” first. In addition, we provide future bio cutting-edge total solutions that improve the quality of healthy lifestyles, and we are taking a step forward to become a company that changes the lives of people around the world, beyond Korea, through innovative product development.

Through continuous R&D investment and facility expansion, we will lead the world as a global bio company that creates healthy lifestyles and takes responsibility for it with products that anyone can use anywhere in the world with confidence. We ask you to keep a close eye on HansPharma.
Geun Young Kim, CEO of HansPharma Co., Ltd.