klardie launched 'Scalp-repair Cellup Ampoule' for hair scalp care.

'klardie, the Bio-beauty brand of HansPharma Co., Lte,, launched 'Scalp-repair Cellup Ampoule' which provides the hair & scalp care solution with proprietary technology. This newly launched product is develped based on Bio Center's own stem cell culture technology and bio-formulation technology in HansPharma.
As HansPharma said, the name of the product is 'Scalp-repair' which means "Make scalp free from external stress." 
The company explained that this new product contains USF71TM(Unbilical cord stem cell conditioned media), Ectoin and SCALFREE-05 which basically take care of the environment of hair salp, and the product is silicone&preservative-free. There are two pieces containg 15ml of ampoule each for 2 weeks in the package, so it is totally for a month. It is easy to use with roll-on application. 
The brand manager of klardie mentioned, " We launched this scalp care product for the customers who have a lot of concerns about hair scalp as same as facial skin in this cold and dry season." and " It is necessary to take care of hair scalp like we apply skincare product on our face everyday. We hope your salp has a rest with this Scalp-repair Cellup Ampoule which can be simply used at the beginning and the end of the day." Meanwhile, the new product can be purchased on klardie's official store or Naver smart store, and customers can take the advantage of 30% discounted price until on 22th in this month to celebrate its release.

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